Best Smartphones IP68 Waterproof For 2022

best waterproof phones

You would leave your cell phone at risk if you lost your valuable information just because you didn’t know if your phone was waterproof. I wouldn’t risk it, so we bring you all these articles, select your phone and find out.

We will show you the best selection of phones with the highest IPxx category in the market, from the highest ranges to the most economical ones. We are made for you who are looking for the best offer and we give it to you below, click on ANDROID or iOS to see the best top of the giants.

Why buy a SMARTPHONE IP68, IP67 in this 2020?

With these cheap waterproof cell phones, you can enjoy every second, without worrying about having your phone near a drink or having it rain on your way home and need to answer.

You can go to the pool without leaving your selfies near the pool and let alone that trip to the beach is those fantastic photographs with professional quality and underwater videos that will impress everyone.

The IP68 rating is an asset that I have discovered relatively recently. Now, I can’t conceive of my day-to-day life without it.

Water is the worst enemy of our smartphones. The problem comes because we humans have water present in each and every one of our days. Therefore, it only takes one accident for our precious and expensive cell phone to end up in a bowl full of rice and praying.

It may seem obvious, but we are human. In this equation, water plays a leading role. Thirst, summer, and its corresponding heat or any type of drink can be on the lookout for our mobile every day. All it takes is one wrong move for the liquid to spill out of our smartphone.

And not only water: drinks of all kinds can be a danger. We don’t want to be alarmists, but let’s remember that the smartphone as such is already part of our life. What does this lead to? For the purpose of water resistance: it’s there, you don’t notice it, but it saves you at the best time.

Cell phones

At this time we don’t believe that anyone can’t get along without one of these devices, we need to be connected, they help us and simplify our lives by giving us many functions in our pockets.

I would dare to say that the sales of all cell phones in a year exceed the world population because of the access to newer cell phones with better quality and with greater development in what we need, either in-camera, processor, ram memory or internal storage.

These are divided into classes according to price, functionality, and appearance

  • Premium range
  • High range
  • Medium range
  • Low range

Each with its advantages and disadvantages can not say that the premium range is the most suitable for you because of its high price and higher performance but maybe you’re not going to take 100% of their benefits so you should analyze what are the needs you have before you tell you why the range of mobile decide the best according to us high-end smartphones are quite performing and looking very nice depending on the model or brand that you like more among the big ones we have Samsung, Lg, Motorola, Huawei all under the platform of android with its free software that continues to improve more of the range of iOS we have the iPhone in its various versions such as iPhone 8, iPhone X in its versions max and XS high-end phones.

We like to emphasize the water-resistance aspect for simple reasons.

  • Freedom to take the phone to the beach, pool, swimming pool, river or any place where a normal mobile would be in great danger of being killed in the toilet or sunk in a bowl of rice waiting to be resurrected.
  • You don’t know when you will have an accident with a spilled glass of water, a heavy rain and your phone getting wet in your pocket
  • photos where you want, when you want some photos under water, a romantic photo under rain you can

How do you know that a cell phone is waterproof?

That will tell us its specifications when you read them you should look in the same phone or in its instructions a part where you appear IPxx the “x” will represent a number, in the first x the maximum is 6 representing the highest resistance to dust and in the second x is the water-resistance of the device the highest is 9 but the most common are 7, 8 and 9.

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