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Megawebsource PayPer Click Campaigns

Pay Per Click Campaigns Pay for clicks

By manually managing each step in the PPC process, you, the search marketer, are preventing your company from reaping the full benefits that pay-per-click campaigns can offer. Too much time and energy are being spent on iterative tasks, preventing you from finding a complete list of truly effective keywords and approaching them intelligently when it comes time to create pay per click ads. The result: wasted money, undiscovered keyword opportunities, and, ultimately, less qualified customers doing business at your site.

With a fresh approach to keyword research and PPC campaign management, pay per click companyMegawebsource can change all that. We at Megawebsource have Google Certified Professionals, which make your campaign more effective.

Your Need

There are several key components to a successful pay-per-click campaign–keyword research, keyword grouping and organization, and ad groups creation and management. Using traditional methods, each component involves more time to fully execute than any search marketer can possibly do by hand, and yet this is how pay-per-click campaigns are primarily approached today.

Pay-per-click campaign is a way of using search engine advertising to generate clicks to your website, rather than “earning” those clicks organically. You know those sponsored ads you often see at the top of search engines results page

Our Solution

Megawebsource has many years of experience in 'managed Pay-per-Click campaigns', giving you the highest return on your investment. We utilize a clever mix of people and technology, employing bespoke tools to monitor not just PPC vendors, but also keyword conversion, multiple clicks, keyword capture, and site usability. Proactive account management is vital for maximizing returns from PPC, and we pride ourselves on doing just that.

As vertical markets in PPC become ever more competitive, it is vital that strategies are deployed that counter rising costs. These include exhaustive ad testing, multivariate and A-B testing of landing pages, quality score sculpting and database design for daily trend analysis.

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Pay Per Click Campaigns FAQ's

What is the cost of Web Application Development ?

This depends totally on the nature and size of the web application.

What choices do we have in case of technology ?

We provide the most popular combinations of technologies for deploying web-based appliction - PHP with MySQL or .NET with MS SQL Server.

Are their any hidden charges ?

Megawebsource believes in transparency in all our policies. There is no hidden cost for any of our services.

How much time does it take for development process ?

It would depend on the size of the web application project weather you require a small web application with minimum functionalities or need an advanced and innovative web or cloud application.

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