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Cloud Servers Megawebsource

Megawebsource Cloud Hosting

Cloud Servers We provide cloud servers

Megawebsource Cloud Servers are a new way of delivering IT infrastructure for enterprise hosting. Cloud Server lets you to deploy and scale computing instances on the fly. It is developed over Citrix Xen Server and are based on a minimum of 2.0 GHz processor. Computing clouds servers are widely used for running ERP, large portals, rich media websites etc. You will have root access to the cloud instance and each instance behaves like a dedicated server by itself.

The key advantage in a Computing Cloud Server is that features such as Memory, Disk Space, Computing Cycles can be scaled up or down whenever required on the fly. Moreover, the cloud environment is less prone to failures due to design level automatic failure recovery mechanisms.

Cloud Server FAQ's

How can we manage our website on our hosting account ?

Megawebsource features an enhanced user interface that is fully integrated with cPanel. Our control panel gives you access to your files, emails accounts, domains and sub domains, and other hosting account features. Megawebsource features cPanel which is the industry leading control panel and provides a rich online environment from where you can manage your web hosting.

Can I monitor my disk space usage and bandwidth ?

Yes. You may monitor disk space and bandwidth usage from your web hosting cPanel - control panel.

Are their any hidden charges ?

Megawebsource believes in transparency in all our policies. There is no hidden cost for any of our services.

Can I upgrade my account if I need to ?

Yes. You can upgrade your account at any time. You will pay the difference between your current account and your new account. There are no extra fees involved in upgrading.

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